Astrid Hofferson

The hot bombshell Astrid Hofferson is one of favorite fictional characters from How to Train You Dragon animated movies. What prompted me to write this? Well, I just so happened to stumble upon some amazing Rule 34 pics featuring Astrid getting all naughty, naked and sexy, so the gears in my head started spinning in overdrive. Here’s what I have to say about this blond-haired cute girl.

Why is Astrid so sexy?

She’s a female Viking soldier with astonishing boobs and extremely tight booty. Being a female Viking is not an easy job, so her butt gets a nice workout all the time. Basically, there’s enough content for you to fully take in this girl’s sexual charisma. She’s not your token, poorly-written “love interest”, she so much more. I gotta give a major shout out to the person who came up with Astrid’s design as well. Drawing a girl that sexy, with such an amazing pair of big tits, beautiful body, hot ass, and an attitude to match, is an awesome job to do. As far as I’m concerned, she checks all the right boxes, including all the taboo ones – she’s a barely legal in that Dawn of the Dragon Racers short!

Who does Astrid have sex with?

Canonically, she has an on-and-off-and-on-again thing with Hiccup Haddock, whom she eventually despises, but ends up marrying eventually. Women, am I right? So, anyways, according to some of the steamy drawings I saw, Astrid is not as loyal as the movies would like you to believe, even though she does love Hiccup’s big cock and some say that he’s extremely skillful in bed. In fact, she’s pretty keen to jump on the cock carousel every time Hiccup leaves her alone. Think of her having sex with Toothless. Oh, that would be the most passionate sex scene you could ever imagine. He would totally destroy her amazing naked butt, tight wet pussy and cum all over her delicious nude body. God, I so wish I was the one plowing her delicate pussy!

What does Astrid like in bed?

As far as Astrid’s kinks go, I think she’s into all the rough stuff. I believe she loves giving Hiccup a blowjob, but she might as well enjoy a massive cumshot on naked tits, in her mouth or a creampie from Toothless. I mentioned cheating above and it seems like Astrid also has a thing for big cocks. Who could possibly blame her, though? She might even take that huge Toothless’ cock in doggy-style, or cowgirl Hiccup’s big dick, what do you think about? Geez, imagining Astrid being all nude and riding on a big dick, does make my cock hard. She’s hottie and there’s nothing you can except for fuck the hell out of her, maybe even gangbang her together with Hiccup and Toothless.

We’re going to share some of the HTTYD-themed porn comics and sex pictures featuring Astrid Hofferson. Those were made by Tram Pararam, so thanks to TP for making our fantasies come true!

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