Adults Only! Who is Tram Pararam?

Tram Pararam is a cartoonist that creates adult art that draws you in. Day in and day out, he draws explicit pictures of famous fictional characters, helping thousands of people all around the globe visualize their fantasies. With Tram’s aid, you’ll be able to envision the hottest scenarios featuring kinky cartoon babes!

Meg Griffin is masturbating dreaming about Superman's cock
Meg Griffin is masturbating dreaming about Superman’s cock

Tram Pararam needs no introduction.

He’s a world-famous artist that excels at cartoon porn spoofs. Thanks to his unique art style and dedication, Tram amassed quite a following online. With his newfound fame, he decided to create a website to make it easier for the fans to reach out to him.

Some fifteen years ago, Tram Pararam was only perfecting the style he became revered for, so he uploaded his porn parodies to free imageboards and various other websites, hoping to hear the feedback. With every passing year, Tram’s art landed him more high-profile commissions and fans. He became somewhat of a household name somewhere along the road, people adored his deliberately humorous yet endlessly exciting style. As mentioned before, this all leads to Tram creating his own personal website. His internet home quickly attracted an active community, it is still active to this very day.

Tram’s style is absolutely unmistakable

….that’s why he remains one of the most influential cartoon porn artists – everybody wants to see his pictures for free, everybody wants to latch onto him. As a result of that, Tram became somewhat reclusive. It took some convincing, but in 2019, Tram Pararam finally decided to speak to his fans, which resulted in an impromptu Q&A session that you can read below.

Why did you choose that moniker? What does it even mean?

Oh yes. This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Yes-yes, everybody wants to know why I chose Tram Pararam. It was a long, long time ago – I started signing my pictures as “Tram Pararam”. I guess at one point it was… like a way of writing out sounds, you know? Tram Pararam is me writing out sex noises. Or maybe it’s a euphemism for sex. Or maybe it’s something akin to a pseudo-acronym, you know? Straight answers are boring anyway.

If you look it up on Urban Dictionary, you will get a very vivid description of a very nasty sexual act. Yeah, it might be that.

Tram Pararam is the act of punching someone in the vagina, then slapping them in the face and kicking them in the arse.

– I Tram Pararamed that bitch!

There are many porn pictures with young girls such as Lisa Simpson and the like. What do you think about young cartoon characters?

Yeah, it might surprise you, but I don’t really think about them as “non-legal” or whatever the term is. It all relates to what I can do with them, you know? Their appearance, their personality traits… those traits always vary from screenwriter to screenwriter, you know? I don’t consider these young characters to be real people (neither should you, by the way) and I don’t think there’s something you can’t change about them, including their age. You can just take a character and say that she’s 100% legal despite looking like a kid, you know? Hate to spoil the movie Orphan to you, by the way.

All grown-up Lisa Simpson is posing naked on high-heels

When I’m drawing these lewd pictures I imagine the characters to be my age. It’s weird to phrase it like that, but I do end up channeling some of my innermost desires via my art and via these characters, both male and female, you dig? In short, I hope this clears it up. I don’t want no moral guardians on my ass, okay?

19 years old Lisa Simpson is showing her body in white lingerie

I don’t see anything inherently bad about drawing an ADULT version of a young character. Everybody grows up and cartoon characters are no exceptions. Don’t you wanna imagine how a young girl that you once knew would like as an adult? With big breasts, big ass, bush, and all that?

Why do some of your pictures have different art styles?

Princess Ariel is riding Prince Erick and having her titties fondled
Princess Ariel is riding Prince Erick and having her titties fondled

Yeah, many of my fans notice that. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret here: I have some talented friends that help me with drawing. Sometimes I just do the coloring. Sometimes it’s the other way around. Hey, maybe I’m just talking out of my ass right now, you know? Maybe Tram Param really is a penname of forty different men and women and one centaur?

Like, honestly, I’ve been doing this for close to 20 years and sometimes I get drawer’s block. I need some people to help me out, I don’t believe in NOT doing anything and letting my creative juices recharge. I need to be doing something, even if that means tracing or colorizing or whatever. Let’s just say that I’m thankful to all the amazing, creative people around me.

Upskirt of Velma Dinkley showing her firm naked butt
Upskirt of Velma Dinkley showing her firm naked butt

Which characters you like drawing the most?

Mrs. Incredible getting to suck her own hard cock
Mrs. Incredible getting to suck her own hard cock

I never ever even attempted to draw someone I didn’t like. Every character you see is attractive to me in some shape or form, you know? When it comes to classics, I would name He-Man and She-Ra, Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo as my favorites. Nowadays the art style is way more detailed and realistic… Come to think of it, you know that Elastigirl from The Incredibles? She’s one hot housewife, I actually find myself envying Bob – he gets to tap that every other day, you know? Of course, you can’t possibly forget about the Simpsons. I love drawing Marge Simpson and her repulsive yet naughty sisters, along with some underrated secondary characters.

What do you focus on while drawing your art?

That’s a good question. Thank you. So, I like coming up with those creative angles. I feel like the most important thing is finding the right angle, finding the right point of view. For example, if you decide to choose this “low-angle shot” (to borrow a cinematographic term), you end up having to showcase a chick’s breasts. She has to look somewhat imposing because of her big boobs. Speaking of which, I’m an ass man, through and through. While the tits are important, there’s nothing that gets me going like a fine, firm ass. So, yeah, essentially, I just make sure that a girl’s tits and ass look good. Dutch angle, high angle, tilted POV, that shit doesn’t really matter as long as her curves look FINE.

Obviously, drawing huge dicks is also a must. It’s a fantasy, you know? In fantasyland, everyone has perfect bodies and huge cocks. Even guys with small dicks want to imagine themselves as hung once in a while, you know?

Batman and Batgirl are having hot 69 oral action
Batman and Batgirl are having hot 69 oral action

What are your plans for the near future?

Me and my boys are gonna make the pictures look even better. 33% better and 45% sexier. You can’t make up those numbers on the fly, so you know it’s legit. So, yeah, making pictures more detailed and just overall better, without “betraying” the Tram Pararam style. I’m gonna try to reach out to you fans more often since this AMA session has been pretty fun, you know? I’m planning on revamping my official paysite to make it more convenient and user-friendly. I’m gonna hire myself an animation guy that will help me branch out to video content, you know? There are many things to look forward to, I have many plans.

You can send in all of your questions for Tram Pararam right here. He’ll try his best to answer them in a timely manner.


  1. What is your view of folks editing your work? I love your stuff, but I can’t get enough Fam Guy and Am Dad.

  2. I’m afraid I came across too cock-sure. Firstly I must emphasise, I am your fan. I look forward to your next post, or re-work of some earlier art.
    I am not asking you to fulfill my fantasies. And I am not in the league of paying to a paysite. Please understand I appreciate all you do for us.
    So if you can find the time to reply, I would be very gratefull.

  3. Hi, I have developed a theory that there has been a change of management. I am not talking to the real T.P. but to the new bank rolled artists who are now in control. Was there a coup? Or an ordinary relinquesting of income?
    As a long term fan of T.P. I must say I don’t like the new style. Some pics need tagging, to know the identity of the rendition. I now expect to see edits of old pics, and experimental pics to see what is now popular. I can tell you this, T.P. is popular. Huge penis’ will soon become boring. Hope I’m wrong about all this, I know you cannot reply. All the best, IAN.

  4. Hello Tram Pararam, I wanted to know who makes these arts, because I really liked it and I wanted to see more of this artist ,As far as I know you said you have friends who help you with the drawings and I wanted to know about these, if you can answer me who it is I would be very grateful

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